Good morning

I succeeded in leaving the house this morning to pick up some stuff at the grocery store. It wasn’t pretty– two days sans shower, sweats and unchanged shirt, glasses and unwashed face. But I was successful… Chobani on sale for .88 cents each! And I bought some Uncle Sam cereal. This isn’t a safe food for me at all– in fact, cereal is incredibly triggering. But as I’m starting to introduce less “safe” foods into my home, I felt ready for this step.

I’ve been watching bad TV and just nice bath in my tiny NYC tub (it’s about the length of my torso, and the hot water doesn’t turn off, but it’s moderately workable). I should really start my reading for my Values seminar… but I really don’t want to. I enjoy the reading itself, but the weekly papers are very difficult and specific and require a lot of brain thought. And I always end up getting the worst grades on these papers, even though I KNOW I’m intelligent and understood the readings… I just am more of a freestyle writer than the requirements of the paper ask. I also need to somehow get my new scene for Acting for the Camera. My ast scene was from Pulp Fiction, which is totally odd, and this one is from… get this… Gia. You know, the Angelia Jolie drug addict model AIDS movie. Who does he think I am? Hilarious.

I haven’t mentioned much about my career/acting here yet, but in case this wasn’t clear, I’m an actor (well, technically a student, but I’ve worked as an actor and that’s what I will continue to do after this May). I’m only an Equity Membership Candidate, which means that I’m not yet a member of the Actor’s Equity union. That limits me to only attend non-Union auditions, or to go to Equity Principal Auditions REALLY early in the morning and hope to get on a cancellations list.

A few weeks ago, I saw an audition posting for an EPA for a show that listed a character that I could certainly play (18-yr-old, sweet, flirty, 1906) and at a theatre that is certainly small enough to not be looking for “names,” and then noticed that the director of the show was a director I had worked with a couple of years ago! We’d worked on a premiere and I played one of the leads, and apparently she really enjoyed my audition for that show. Subsequently, she got me work in an industrial (it was a series of scenes to accompany a textbook online). So, I downloaded the play and started preparing my audition, and emailed the director to let her know I’d be trying to get a slot.

I never heard back, until two days ago, when I got an email from a casting director. She informed me that the director had requested that I be given an audition slot. EEK! It was scheduled for Monday afternoon. I’m thrilled in like eight different ways– I have a slot for sure, I have more time to prepare, and the director wants to see me! I’ll keep you in the loop about how all this goes, but this is officially my first off-Broadway audition! WOO HOO!

I missed my retouching appointment for my headshots yesterday. I’d scheduled them the day before, and in the chaos of my illness and cancelling my other priorities, I totally forgot, and shot them an email two hours after I was supposed to be there.

When that happened, something that would normally have caused great anxiety, I instead felt a powerful flush rise in my cheeks, but then sent them back an email to them apologizing and asking to reschedule. They emailed me back within a half hour and it was totally fine. I’m thrilled that I was able to circumvent negative emotions even in a stressful situation.

A quote!
“…quite simply, I was in love with New York. I do not mean “love” in any colloquial way, I mean that I was in love with the city, the way you love the first person who ever touches you and you never love anyone quite that way again. I remember walking across Sixty-second Street one twilight that first spring, or the second spring, they were all alike for a while. I was late to meet someone but I stopped at Lexington Avenue and bought a peach and stood on the corner eating it and knew that I had come out out of the West and reached the mirage.”
–Joan Didion


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