Back in Action

Hey y’all,

I know I’ve been a bad blogger (boy, I don’t really consider myself a blogger… weird), but it’s been a whirlwind couple of days. Let’s ge to it.

Sunday was my last day at work. Sad! But also really good. It has been almost a year, and although I love the people and the food and the mission, I’m ready for a break. I felt pangs of nostalgia and sadness, ut it mostly just felt right. The people at work left me a card signed by everyone (including all the chefs and the delivery guys), a bottle of framboise, and a box of chocolates.

Super cute, right?

That night was the Oscars. I made “Je-sesame Cucum-berg in the Soba Net-wok” (i.e. Jessie Eisenberg in The Social Network). It was a recipe I’ve made before from one of my favorite recipe websites, 101 Cookbooks (sorry, I don’t know how to hyperlink). Soba noodles, cucumbers, green onions, and a light dressing of soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame and olive oil, hot sauce, sugar, and ginger. Yummy! The ceremony was… really weird, but weird in a kind of fun way. I was pleased with how the evening went in terms of awards, although I wanted Bening, Fincher, and The Social Network.

Monday was a loooooong school day and then my audition!! School was fine, although I was dead tired all day. Also, my scene for Acting for the Camera went really well (from the movie Gia, ya know, the Angelina Jolie dying-of-AIDS-model movie? Yeah, SO me). Then I rushed down to okay my headshot proofs at Reproductions (lovely!), then hopped in a cab and headed to my audition. EEK! I was about 45 minutes early, but that’s sort of my MO. I was really nervous… plus I hadn’t really eaten all day, which is bad, but the adrenaline rush has actually worked to my advantage in auditions in the past (note, I never TRY to not eat before an audition, but it tends to happen when I am running around). Before my audition, the director came out, saw me, and gave me a big hug. She remembered me distinctly, and seemed really interested in how things were going for me. I met the casting director, who was wonderful, and the reader (a woman, unfortunately, as my side was to a boy), and another guy who was in the room. We chatted, joked, and hobnobbed for a minute or two, and then I did my side. I messed up some of the words, but it went well! They seemed to like what I did. And then, I left! That was it! Crazy how that buildup just ends in five minutes and you go straight home.

Tuesday I had a ridiculous night of sleep (more on that and the crazy-ass dream later), but made it to work at 11am. At 2:30, I had my singing class, which I hate. The teacher is a fantastic actor and singer, but she’s not a very good teacher. I’m highly self-conscious about singing, and don’t really know how to prepare (although, thank god, I can read music), yet the class really doesn’t teach me how to do these things– I’m just expected to come into class having the song fully prepared and ready to sing with an accompanist. Huh? Aren’t we supposed to be learning here? Sorry, but you don’t need to teach me how to act– I’ve been training for six years now. I need you to teach me how to sing.

Whatevs. Anyway, afterwards, I ran down to pick up my final headshot prints (yay!) and then headed uptown to meet a girl I went to high school with– not the performing arts school, but the random tiny community school I went to for the two years of high school when I lived at home. She goes to Barnard, so we met on 116th and went to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Community. The whole point of the dinner was so that she could give me this art book that is going to be passed between alums of our school, who each fill out two pages about “A Day in My Life,” which will then be sold at the school’s auction. I really wanted to do it even though this school treated me like crap (I was escorted off campus when I tried to return after transferring to say goodbye to my friends), mostly to prove to them that I didn’t need them in order to be super successful. The dinner was actually a huge blast, and I thoroughly enjoyed her company. When I got home, I immediately did my page. It’s below, with some info covered up:

Hmm… Don’t know why it’s sideways…

Anyway, it was a really pleasant evening. It also involved me getting asked to do a reading on Monday at the Barrow Street Theatre– a really amazing part in a new play, and a really great theatre. Hooray! I feel like a real person.

Anyway, this entry took a bajillion years.

Talk later!

“”I need the thing that happens when your brain shuts off and your heart turns on.” –Elizabeth Wurtzel

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