Git ‘er dun Thursdays

Happy one-day-til-Friday!

Thursdays are my “appointment days.” I have my therapist at 11am on the Upper West Side, and then biweekly, my nutritionist in Flatiron.  Then I pick up my weekly groceries (plus more, because it’s just too tempting) at Trader Joe’s, and hike back uptown to my home. And as rarely as I can, I do laundry.

Last time (slash month) I did laundry, the day I planned to do it was the morning after a ridiculous snowstorm (one of many in NYC this year). I was ready to lug my month’s worth of clothes to the laundromat around the corner and across the street, but– and I never thought it would happen– my local Harlem laundromat was closed!! I mean, wowza. That’s a snowstorm. a snowstorm.

I knew, however, that this impulse to wash my clothes would not last, nor would this much free time. So I hiked up my sleeves, turned on This American Life, and filled up my tub with hot soapy water. In three loads, I did ALL my laundry in my mini studio bathtub. It took skill and buff guns, but I did it. Subsequently, I littered my room with drying clothes. All my clothes. Like this:

Dresser = hanging rack when hanging rack = full.

So, with no desire to lug my clothes to the laundromat, wait around in the humid, dryer-dust infested air, put my clothes through the dryer 8 times before they dried enough to make my financial investment worth it, I bathtub-ed it again. I’m better this time– I seem to have developed a system. While things soaked, I even managed to Swiffer my floor! Now two of three loads are drying all over my apartment, and my final load (jeans etc) are chillin’ in the tub until they dry enough to make them drip less all over my parquet floor. I’m sippin’ some coffee with soy, watchin’ Modern Family, wearin’ some slippers and my Old Navy sweat-shorts (is that a thing?), and layin’ on my back. Not so bad for a Chore-sday.

Do you guys have a day exclusively to “git ‘er dun?”



“Was everyone else really as alive as she was?…If the answer was yes, then the world, the social world, was unbearably complicated, with two billion voices, and everyone’s thoughts striving in equal importance and everyone’s claim on life as intense, and everyone thinking they were unique, when no one was.”
–Ian MacEwan


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