Buck up, buster.

Happy weekend. I’m feeling pretty crappy. The last few days, I’ve been pretty depressed and down. Part of it is PMS (TMI?) and part of it is probably just a low swing after a period of high functioning. I’m trying to buck up my positivity for the big weekend I have and all the work I have to do. Eeerrrrg, I just don’t want to do it.

Going to the little organic grocery store in my neighborhood helped a little bit– it proved to myself that I could successfully leave my apartment without wanting to die. 🙂 Hopefully posting this will help me get motivated, even though all I really wanna do is watch The Hills in my bed all day and drink 8 cups of coffee.

SO. To do today.

1. Write my essay for my Senior Values class. One of the readings was this:(that’s Jerzy Grotowski)

2. Memorize my scene from this FAB movie:

(OMG I think I know what I’ll be for Halloween– oh, that’s a good one)

3. Usher for this play at Classic Stage Company:

4. Find a song for my Song as Scene class from this genre:

5. Party at the place everyone calls “Thai Bar”:

(Oh no, this is what comes up when you Google Image search “Thai Bar”)

6. Shower.

(My shower looks NOTHING like this. My family is currently on a plane headed to Baja where they will have a shower like this. My shower looks more like this:)

Note: Not My Shower

8. Figure out WHAT THE FUCK is going on with this boy I’m in love with, who seems like he likes me too, but last time we hung out he told me there was a “girl in his life,” but keeps texting me things like this:

Crazy friday night?

[stuff about how he’s out w/ high school friends and they want to go to                                bed, I respond:]

Haha, the lamest friends. It’s not even tomorrow yet!

I miss you!

[I know. I KNOW.]

Oh yeah? Well let’s fix that, mr.

[and because I’m bad and really do like him A LOT]

Because I miss you too 🙂

So that means we’re going to hang out right now?

Can you teleport to Harlem?

I do have a car

I mean, I’m literally in bed, but we’ve also been pretty lame about
hanging out

Haha, you can go to sleep, grandma

All right, all right, the geezer will sleep. But I can’t promise I won’t
text you tomorrow at 11pm to come hang out with me. payback.

🙂 can’t wait.


No, guys, I know. It’s ridiculous. So that’s today. Let’s go. Come on, positivity!!


“We are so fragile / And our cracking bones make noise / And we are just / Breakable, breakable, breakable girls and boys.”
–Ingrid Michaelson


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