I’m 30 Rockin’ Tina Fey

I’m on a giddy Tina Fey kick at the moment. I mean, I’ve always loved her, but right now I’m feeling especially connected to her. Maybe it’s because she truly represents my version of “the American woman.”

Here’s why (in no particular order):
1) She’s funny.
2) She has her own TV show, book, company, etc. Woman’s got POWER.
3) She has a family.
4) She knows who she is and stays uncompromisingly herself at all times.
5) She’s funny.
6) She is not shy about being smart.

I rarely buy books (I’m a library girl– maybe the only one left), but I might just have to go out and buy Tina Fey’s new book. It seems to me that she’s probably a good role model for me right now; to help me remember that I am so much more than my size or my weaknesses, and to embrace that imperfect, intelligent, funny, purely ME self that I am.

Here’s the NYT review that inspired this post:


The book’s best blurb:
“It was worth it.” –Tree

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