Cosmo Girl

Happy weekend, friends!

Well, I guess it’s not the weekend yet, but I happen to have the day off! I can’t say I’m not THRILLED. Plans for today include:

1. The gym!
2. More envelopes and printed major donor letters to mail
3. Do my reading/essay for my Values class (eew)
4. See my friend in a show Off-Broadway
5. Maybe party with my friends after their show (the final mainstage of my program’s season)
6. Pick up this book at Barnes and Noble:

I’m not generally a book buyer (like I mentioned) because I’m cheap, even though I love actual physical books. But I need this one. It’s the first book about binge eating, which is a major part of my personal EDNOS cocktail. Sunny’s blog was one of the first I found, and I was like, “Oh my god, there’s someone else like me and I can read about it– I don’t have to keep trying to make memoirs about anorexia or bulimia speak to anymore! I understand this!” So I’m buying her book. I’m far enough along in recovery that I don’t feel like I NEED it to get better, but I want it. I wish I’d had it when I was at my worst.

I’m kinda not feeling in a super post-y mood… maybe I will later. But I wanted to share my first magazine appearance with you! Yes, I’m in a magazine, but it’s really not as cool as it sounds. My only disclaimer: they made it sound like I saved myself from embarrassment…. I didn’t. Enjoy.

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