Happy Easter!

Easter used to be my favorite holiday. My family wasn’t religious (technically I was brought up Unitarian Universalist), but the Easter tradition was a good one, taken from a great old family tradition from my dad’s side. Over the night, the “Easter Bunny” (i.e. my parents) would  lead streamers throughout the house– one color for me, the other for my sister– with little gifts and plastic eggs hidden along the route. It seemed like a safari to me–I was obsessed with Kenya for much of my young life– and it was the best when the streamers went outside, sometimes in the car, once under the porch, around chairs, maybe even up the stairs a little bit. I always stayed a few steps behind my sister, because I ALWAYS save the best for last. I would carefully wrap the streamers I’d passed into my basket, while my sister would rip them from around the chair legs and leave them on the floor or trailing behind her as she scurried towards the next gift. Plus it meant only a  week till my birthday!

This Easter, I didn’t really have plans. This weekend, all I had going on were a couple of rehearsals for showcase, and a little bit of homework. This unstructured time can sometimes be triggering for me, particularly because I’ve had a hard time lately, but I have done GREAT. Thursday I had rehearsal, then went to the gym, then to the grocery store, then hung at home for the rest of the evening. Friday was much the same– gym, rehearsal, worked a little bit on my songs at school, hanging at home. Saturday I slept in LATE, then bought some new running shoes (about time– six years later), went to the gym for a really good workout, then mosey-ed home. Today, EASTER! I wasn’t with my family, and didn’t have any plans at all. I really am a loner, I think. But I couldn’t do nothing– I mean, a holiday’s a holiday– so I called my mom to okay it, and then got an appointment for a facial/massage.

Best idea EVER. It was literally two hours of wonderful self-care. I wish it didn’t cost money, but I called it an early birthday present and didn’t let myself feel guilty. On my way home, I tried to think of other ways to make myself feel special, so I stopped into a wine and spirits store and bought myself a Pinot Grigio. My mother says that drinking alone = alcoholism, but in my opinion, treating myself to a good glass of wine is another kind of self-care. Plus, I rarely do it. It’s not like I drink a bottle of wine a night.

And tonight, I cooked a real meal– a vegan palak tofu. It wasn’t nearly as good (or really anything like) the restaurant kind, but I imagine you can’t get the restaurant kind without cream and ghee. Either way, it tasted delicious.

(the picture at left is literally the story of my life)

Now I’m watching Netflix Instant and sipping on my Pinot. I’ll probably hit the hay early and just relax like I’ve never relaxed before. Better do it while I can, huh?

Happy Easter!!


“There is a voice inside of you
That whispers all day long,
“I feel this is right for me,
I know that this is wrong.”
No teacher, preacher, parent, friend
Or wise man can decide
What’s right for you–just listen to
The voice that speaks inside.”
— Shel Silverstein

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