oh, for the love

Hi guys.

I wrote a long post yesterday about it, but it got lost (I’m not sure I like this new wordpress).

Long story short, yesterday my best friend was diagnosed with aggressive lymphoma. It’s fucking weird. My best friend has cancer.

Over the next few days we’ll be going from appointment to appointment together. Luckily I can do that and she’s allowing me to. But that also means that posting will be sporadic. It’s funny how life can change in an instant.

I had also been on a very strict diet, just to see how I’d take to it and if it would help me, but once we saw that first doctor, everything just shifted. Now my meals and life are scheduled around my rehearsals and her appointments. Suddenly my food issues seem like small potatoes. It’s kind of nice.

Also, as a PS, I got a callback for that production of Titus in Philly. I went on Tuesday and read again and met the director. I felt really good about it. We shall see.

I also filmed an audition for a Showtime pilot. Which I will never book. But which did feel good.

All right, all. Stay strong. I’ll try to be around, since it does help me, but my life is literally completely different now. My friend starts chemo on Monday. She is almost certainly curable and completely treatable, so that’s great. It’s just going to be a really, really, REALLY shitty year for her.



2 thoughts on “oh, for the love

  1. You and your friend will be in my prayers.

  2. Isn’t it funny how a little perspective changes everything? I’m so sorry to hear about your friend’s diagnosis, but I’m glad, and I’m sure she’s grateful, that you will be there with her and for her through this coming crappy year. Thinking of you. xo.

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