Home Sweet Home

1. Extreme illness turns a human into a patient, and a patient into a child.
Being friends with someone suffering from something like cancer is like being friends with a memory—you maintain when personality, looks, attitude, changes because you have the hope that when it’s all over, the friend you had, the friend you knew, will come back, at least in some ways.


2. I booked my first job that wasn’t because I looked like a real stalking victim or because I’m a member of my company—the first job where I was cast based on an audition & callback. It feels so, so, so good, and I’m proud. I feel like an actor.


Check it.


3. My ED is okay. I haven’t had any major binges (some mini ones_, but as I’m sure you all know, I feel like I’m working really, really hard to listen to my body about hunger cues. I want to eat enough but not too much… and balance has never been my strong suit.

4. I have a kitty. I named her Franny after Salinger’s novella, Franny and Zooey. I love the novella, and the name is accurately a mix of urban and young, novice energy. Caring for Franny an exercise in patience—she can’t tell me what she needs, so I have to exist in the middle place of doing my best to vie her what she needs and knowing that I’m not always getting it right.


5. One of the boys who ceaselessly te(se)xts me has actually asked me out. Sort of. More like texting during the day and inviting me to dinner/a museum/coffee. I’m not handling it great—I’m weirded out a little, and a part of me wants to say yes, but a part of me has never actually liked him and doesn’t trust him at all.


6. I get to take a Shakespeare class with my boss, two students, a couple fellow alums, and PHYLICIA RASHAD, taught by one of the U.S.’s most amazing Shakespeare actors.

7. I spent nearly $80 on a seminar with five top NYC agents. I have never paid for one of these seminars, because it feels like a scam, but FIVE agents? My current mission is to find an agent, and this step gets me into the room with five, which is better than I’ve been able to do on my lonesome in the last six months. CROSS YOUR FINGERS!


8. I HATE doing laundry. Anyone want to do it for me?


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