A Short Scene

Scene 1. Today.

B is at an event where she’d paid a flat fee to perform for five top legit agents. She is great at auditions and she is not necessarily nervous. What she is feeling is the deep, longing, hunger for something she truly wants. It’s an overwhelming feeling that brings her close to tears. She performs well under pressure, but this feeling is pure and powerful and it lives inside her.

B enters a room where C is sitting at the table. She hands him her headshot and resume.

B: Hi, I’m B! How are you doing?

C: Hey, B, I’m C, and I’m with K Agency. What are you going to show me today?

B: Little Dog Laughed by Douglas Carter Beane.

C: Okay, great. Go for it.

B does her monologue. She finishes seated in a chair.

C: So, I graduated from the Academy in ’93.

B:(this is her high school) Oh my god! Go blueberries! That’s amazing!

C: Yep. I lived in P dorm. D (B’s favorite teacher and mentor from high school) brings me back every year to do a workshop with students.

B: Oh wow! I haven’t been back since I graduated. I always said I wouldn’t go back until I was important enough to be invited back.

C: That’s exactly what I said. And now I guess I am!

B: That’s awesome.

C: So here’s the deal. I want to help you. (As C talks, B is nodding and glowing, realizing that something is happening– you know those moments.) You clearly have the talent, and there’s a real Academy mafia out there, even in our office. I don’t know if you’re signed with a commercial agent, but (C glances back at B’s headshot) I’d love to get you set up with my agency commercially. You’d do great, make a quick buck. It’s really tough right now to get signed with the legit office right now, but I’d at least like to get you started and I’ll talk to the other agents there. Okay, remember this email address: c at the agency dot com. Got it? Pretty simple. Now this is my personal email– I don’t give this to actors. It goes straight to me. We Academy folks have to stick together, and you’re really talented, so I want to help you out. Okay?

B: (B is stunned and thrilled and grinning. She’s been nodding and “yes” ing and smiling like a fool). Okay. Totally. Thank you so, so much. I’m thrilled.

B gathers her things and wafts out of the room, on a golden wave of potential and excitement. She has a sense that things are beginning. She is happy.


One thought on “A Short Scene

  1. Yay! SO excited for you 🙂 Congratulations. xo.

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