Franny and Me

Tonight, crying, for a million reasons and none all, I walked to my kitchen to get a knife. I laid back down in bed and pressed the serrated blade into the skin of my thigh. I got through about two swipes when my cat, Franny, promptly laid down on my chest and upper thigh, effectively making self-injury impossible. Despite my writing, she stays firm.

She knows. Franny saved me.


5 thoughts on “Franny and Me

  1. Cats are the most wonderful thing there is. ❤

    If you want to talk, I'm always just an email away. (and I apologize for that somewhat cheesy sentiment from a stranger on the internet. but i'm serious and i know how much it sucks to feel alone at times like this.)

    take care. ❤

  2. What an amazing cat! Animals do know how we are feeling. I hope you no longer feel the need to self harm. It’s a temporary release, but it doesn’t change anything. I’m not much of an example though as I’ve recently started cutting again after nearly 4 months “clean”.

  3. Thanks for you support, ladies. I’m not much of a self-harmer, but it just seemed like it would make me feel better… which honestly, it did. Probably won’t happen again, at least for a solid while.

    I was just so amazed by my kitty. I’m so moved. 🙂

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