A Letter from the Young Me to my Psychiatrist

(transcribed from a photocopy– circa 1999ish)

To: Dr. Pines

From: B

I have been having some harsh feelings lately. I just cannot stand it when people do something that makes me uncomftarble, I have to burst out and show it (which I don’t want to do.)

There is a girl inside of me. She is evil, and mean. There is another girl, on the outside. She is sweet, gentle, and kind. The girl on the inside is almost always in charge of my body. Sometimes she even tries to convince the outer girl to hurt the real me, the me, me. The inside girl has won that twice. Sometimes the inner girl goes away for a while, but she always comes back after at least 1 day. I wish she would go away forever. The real me just wishes I was a regular, normal, nice, charming, sweet kid. My inner body is connected with my brain, I’m sure. It tells my brain to do things I never want to do. My parents have told me my brain is functioning wrong, and that’s why I’m having this problem. Here is what I think the problem is like: The inner girl sends her command to my brain. My problem is my brain obeys the command.


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