Here and Gone

I keep overexerting, overbooking myself. It’s too easy.

I’ve always said I’m a morning person, but lately I’ve been struggling to rise around 9am, even though I still go to bed at a usual time. Sometimes I’ll wake up at 5am and not fall back asleep till 7 or 8. Part of the problem of falling asleep is that I’ve been taking Tylenol PM because I’m out of Ambien, which is weird, because I shouldn’t be. How did this happen?

Anyway. Monday I did my R&J scene in Shakespeare, which was basically just having a total breakdown onstage, but went remarkably well. I knew it had gone well when I sat down to talk with my professor about the scene afterwards and I started crying again while literally talking about the scene. “I just was… I’m sorry… I just felt so angry at Romeo, and so betrayed because of what he’d done to Tybalt…” I often think of this life I lead that if anyone in the world saw what I did in these rooms and theatres, they’d legitimately think I was A) insane or B) desperate to self-inflict suffering and angst.

That night was a goodbye party for the current Theatre Program administrator, who is leaving, after 20 years, for a new position at a new university closer to her family. It’s a good change for her– she’ll get to be involved higher up than here and also have a bit more of an artistic presence– but her job here is insanely tough, diverse, and requires a very, very specific kind of person. I will miss her dearly. The energy she brought to the place (a motherly, Southern, traditionally comforting energy that is at odds with the super smarty pants indie theatre NYC scene the other professors have) will be missed.

Tuesday was work, which included an interview with a new candidate for the admin position. I was glad to be involved in the interview process… I like when I’m invited into the fold more. The more separate I am from having been a student, the more I like my job. I enjoy being let in on the secret processes, not just being the copier and faxer and phone-caller.

Speaking of phone calls, we’re trying to get Glenn Close to take on a teaching role at school next year. We have a special position, an Endowed Chair, granted to the theatre program by our esteemed alum, he of John Q fame, which allows us to have a pre-eminent guest each year. I won’t go into details because this is all so top secret, but OBVIOUSLY I’m a huge Glenn Close fan. She’s flown under the radar, and I know I know I haven’t seen Albert Nobbs but I just think she’s brilliant. See video below for icing on the cake.

UGH I wrote a really lovely, really long post…. and I can’t get it back.

BLERG. This is (oddly) the last autosave wordpress kept.

Well, moving on. C’est la vie. Je non sais care.


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