Here I Am

One of our actors’ wives is the editor- in- chief of Cosmopolitan.
(would you vajazzle your frenemies hoo-hah for anything you want from Tiffany’s?)

I spent the weekend with one of our actors and our stage manager without awkward incident.

Tonight we cooked dinner and drank wine and ran lines and got drunk and it was glorious.

There was an entire conversation about how perfect I am for this part. What the fuck.

I wish I could lose ten pounds for this role but I can’t, because we open in a week and a half.
Perhaps it’s better that I just have to accept this moment, this body, this self that got cast.

Here we go.

“there was this red-haired girl… she was awful.”

“it wasn’t like everyone else sucked… B was just the best of all of them.”

“You came in and everyone was like… Oh. Here’s our baby.”

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