One Week.

In moments of transition, I always wonder what’s next.

This Buffalo Bill House, though, makes it all feel normal.

One week from today, my show will close.

I don’t know what’s next for the show, for my career, for my life. All I know is that I will have to pack my bag, move out of the Anne Frank room, and wake up alone in Harlem.

I’m going to have to find a way to deal with the loss of this show.  Transitions are hard for me. Closings are hard for me. This closing, in particular, the closing of a show that changed my life in countless ways, will be heartbreaking.

I got to spend three months with Jonatha, one of the most wonderful, fullest, fun characters I’ve ever played. An amazing part.

I got to play onstage and offstage with the greatest group of crazy actors this side of the Lincoln Tunnel. I made amazing friends, and I had moments where I felt firmly that I was completely myself. Completely present. Completely at home.

I got to live with these folks in a big mansion on the beach. We cook family breakfasts, we watch movies, we get drunk and take pictures of ourselves in our fancy outfits.

The melancholy has already set in a bit, not helped by my menstrual cycle.

I got very big, very exciting news about the next step for this show. Nothing’s confirmed, nothing’s certain, but it’s HUGE. I haven’t quite gotten a full breath since. Tonight’s our big industry shindig, and post-show dress-up hob-nob. I can’t wait. I can’t wait to do this play again. I love this play. My heart is so incredibly full.

Oh. And last night we danced in the rain.

3 thoughts on “One Week.

  1. Dance. Sing. Laugh. Love. All of this is ahead of you, just as it is behind you. The end of anything is difficult…the beginning of new things can be even more difficult, but you have life ahead of you 🙂 and that is enough. xo.

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