Next weekend, A’s ex (who he still works with, though he’s leaving the job this month) is going away for a wedding, so A agreed to cover her and work and to take care of their dog (who they bought together but now lives with her).

Today, A goes into work, and the ex tells him that she’s going to board the dog. She’s not letting A watch her.

Is it just me, or is that BULLSHIT? A is remarkable in his ability to compartmentalize and move on (maybe it’s a boy thing or just a not emotionally-present-over-therapized person thing), but I could tell from his texts that this hurt him.

And rightly so, right? She’s taking away his “right” to care for the dog that, in theory, they share. Almost as though she’s saying he’s no longer good enough or responsible enough or important enough to do her that FAVOR and be a part of the dog’s life. And I don’t know how much explanation she gave or what the conversation is like, but there was no buildup to this.

Shared custody is a bitch.

So is she.


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