Wah Wah.

Went to a show the other night that a friend from last summer’s show had a role in. Went with another cast member, plus a dear close friend I met through the show and her girlfriend. The show was so-so, but it was like a blast from a really good time in my life. I could feel all those good feelings wash over me again, just being in their presence.

In a way, it reminded me that I haven’t really had a job since last summer. Sure, readings and workshops here and there, but no real work. And I crave it. I got SO. FUCKING. LUCKY. with that show, that I almost don’t even know where to go from here. Frankly, I just want to keep doing it until something else comes along.

I also went in to read at ABC Casting this afternoon. I volunteer to do this because it teaches me a lot about on-camera auditions, plus any chance I have to act, I will take, even if it’s from behind a camera on book. Plus it’s fun to read the sides from all the new pilots. I read with a lot of teen girls today, plus two really adorable gay twenty-something guys. It was fun… but it reminded me again that while some people are deep in pilot season, I’m sitting at home making pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and watching old videos from the summer.

Talked to my mom today. It’s been hard to do lately, but I did it. And all i seemed to want to talk about is how I can’t get a job.

I really need a job, I think. This time is really putting a crimp in my style.

And remembering summer is not helping. Since that’s the last real job and I had, and it was a such an amazing one. I’m concerned I’m going to gain back the ten pounds I magically lost with all this spare time to fester and mope.

Wah wah. 😉

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