Is the easiest game to play.

I’m always amazed by the ways in which I know how to hurt myself.



Watching videos of my boyfriend’s ex on his computer.

Saying “no” and staying in.


I have hurt myself more than anyone has ever hurt me.


4 thoughts on “Self-Harm

  1. Oh, dear girl. I understand so completely. My heart aches for you and I hope that you and all of us are able to learn to love ourselves. I’m sending love your way ❤ Be kind to yourself.

  2. I know exactly what you mean. They say it’s the people who know us best who are best able to hurt us.

    And we know ourselves best of all.

    Sending happy thoughts and good energy your way. xoxo, g.

  3. And I bet you have prolific abundances of love for others right?
    Me too.
    Often wonder why I do what I do… I MUST hate myself right? But it’s not true, I LOVE lots about who I am … I just hate what I have done to my life.

    PS- YOU ARE GORGEOUS. #girlcrush

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