A’s gone again– in PA to see a friend’s star turn in a community theatre production of SPELLING BEE. I’m missing it because of rehearsal.

I came home after the show tonight (I saw the show A’s working, a new musical) solo to discover the bathtub full of cold, silty water.




The drain cover was slightly displaced. I peed, flushed, no problem.

I tried to plunge the drain, assuming it was a clog of some kind. No change. I plunged a LOT. My hands hurt.

I played with the drain lever, and while it still made that “moving” sound, literally NO change in the water level or any release of water whatsoever.

I went in with a coat hanger to try and see if I could snake it. I got a little hair out, but no movement in the water whatsoever.

I think the water must have come UP from the drain into the bathtub, and somehow clogged there. Perhaps there’s a clog deeper in, and the water won’t drain because there’s some obstruction that got pushed up with the silty (possibly shit-filled) water.

I have no fucking idea. I’m just pissed off about it.

I HATE this shit. So incredibly much. I want to be able to fix things myself. I don’t want to ask for help, especially from my super. I want the whole thing to GO AWAY.

And OF COURSE this happens when A’s not here. I fucking hate it. I moved in with someone so that I wouldn’t have to do this shit anymore. UGGGHHHHH.

I texted him, then he called me from the road. I missed his call (phone still on silent from the show), and called him back. Cried, like a small child. He hates this as much as I do. Still, he agreed to call the super tomorrow morning. I said I’d stay in the apartment and wait for her. I know he’s upset he has to deal with this for me. But I NEED him to take care of me. I need him to do more than say “I love you” a hundred times a day and come see weird plays with me. I need him to do the dirty work and pay the check and make the choices.

I mean, no, I don’t NEED that, but I do find that I want it.

And of course after I got off the phone I binged on a piece of cold pizza (leftovers from dinner) and at least two bowls of cereal. Un. Necessary. I am the worst.

Is this over yet?

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