New New New!

Hey y’all!

Get excited!

In the spirit of (very late) spring cleaning, I’ve updated my blog! I’m not sold on the new theme, so please do give feedback if you’re not a fan.

Also, I’ve added new stuff to “About” and “Recovery Tools.”



One thought on “New New New!

  1. I like it!
    Ps- Read your last post and boy oh boy can I relate to that “starve” all day and eat all night thing.
    It is my life for sosososo long.
    I know what you mean when you say it is not bingeing.

    I hope you can get to a more balanced calorie/nourishment schedule soon because this, for me, has now become a deeply ingrained habit/vice to where… like… that’s what I LIKE to do. I like to come home and eat like 95% of my calories between 7 and 11 evidently. No I never plan on it (tonight will be different blahblahblah) but it is hard now even when I am not hungry to just… sit there without snacking/eating.

    PS- (I had the same situation with coming home from working all day and my BF not understanding why I wasn’t all lovey dovey when we first moved in and he had not found work yet. It was because he never knew that I needed that post mortem time alone. I would come home and lay on my bed reading magazines and he’d be trying to talk to me and yeah… no.)

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