For all my “feeling good” posts of the last few days… i’m having a problem.I get home from tech & rehearsals late — between 9pm (if I’m lucky) and 10:30pm. I have been at work since usually 11am, packed lunch, had snacks like a Larabar, apple, latte, and whatever generally unhealthy food there is at the theatre.

I know I need to eat when I get home.

The problem is I OVEReat.

I know that being hungry is triggering for me, plus it’s my only time alone ALL DAY (I love A, but seriously, I NEVER have the apartment to myself, which drives me NUTTY), which is also triggering. I’m trying to come up with a way to make it less hard to eat enough and healthily.


2 thoughts on “Homecoming

  1. I hope your TV show got great reviews yesterday. I missed it! seriously behind in my blogger skills.

    I have SUCH a problem with eating at night its STUPID. Like… I am stupid crazy. I get even crazier when I am legit not hungry. No advice, sorry. (0:

  2. GURL.

    I find that nights, especially like these where I come home from rehearsal, feel like “not real” time and so I end up not eating like a human. Anyway. Working on it. Doing better.

    Also there are reruns so. Investigation Discovery. “The Yoga Shop Murder.” It’s legit. I just want to tell everyone who watches it that 100% of the episode was shot between the hours of 8pm and 7am. CRAZY TOWN.

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