Flying High

It’s crazy.

When I’m having a good week, it’s as if those other times don’t matter. How could I possibly go through life and feel like I’m worthless?! I’m in a show the NYTimes loved! I’m doing a workshop with amazing artists at a great theatre and on a play I love! I live with a cat and a boy I love! I have successfully started a successful career as an audiobook narrator for books I love!

Those other weeks exist. I have to remind myself of that. I have to keep grounded in the work while enjoying the joy. Especially with my mentees. Even when I’m flying high and busy living in this perfect storm of opportunity, they may be struggling, and I need to be there for them as much as when I’m hurting myself, too. It’s a two way street.

But that’s not to say I’m coming down from the high of feeling good. I am relishing it and milking it with all I have.

This isn’t every week. So this week, I’m going to devour it.

Love to all y’all.

P.S. Just learned that my boyfriend’s ex just got engaged to her boyfriend. I don’t understand these feelings. I am so confused. asdlfa;sghlsdkgjjfsdfal;sdkfjoiasfdasg


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