Reviews schmu-views

Okay, okay, I’m about to be a bit of a diva.

I’m currently in a play that has done fairly well as far as reviews go. 3 GREAT reviews, including 1 from the New York Times, and one negative. In all of them, a few actors (usually at least 4) of the six person cast are getting specific write-ups. This includes the 10 year old boy who has like, two scenes. Me? Nothing. Grouped in with everyone else, or not mentioned at all except next to my character’s name.

Am I THAT forgettable?


It’s a stupid thing to care about. What you don’t want is a BAD review, but still… I care. And I’m trying not to but I do. And it makes me feel kinda bad.


One thought on “Reviews schmu-views

  1. It’s not stupid. OF COURSE you would care!
    No, you are not forgettable.

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