Things That Are Giving Me Joy

1. I haven’t worked since December. Then in April, I get paid $2,000 to wear five period dresses and do two performances playing a 18th century French royal. And then, in June, I get to perform off-Broadway. In a real play. Shakespeare. Midsummer. I’m playing Helena. It’s a big effin’ deal. And I’m glowing.

2. I turned 26 today. There’s nothing like a Facebook birthday to remind you how loved you are. And for an extra special treat, it was 75 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. A and I went to see the new exhibit at the AMNH, then picnic-ed in the park, then ate fro-yo, then I got coffee and walked with R, and then A made me funfetti cake and we did laundry. PERFECT. PERFECT.PERFECT.
11188471_466785443476958_2545563554805594649_n(yes that’s me)

3. I’m going home for a week in a couple of days. I plan to sleep, read, watch things, hike, and sit with the dog. I cannot wait.

4. I saw a play in 2011. I got free tix ’cause I’d worked with the director. Four years later? Tony noms. Best Play, Best Director (yup, he’s still on my res), Best Actor (he should WIN), Best Actress, and Best Featured Actress. BAM.



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