The Ex is Wed

if you’ve been following ye olde blog, you know that I went through a very long, strange period in my healthy, loving relationship in which I became obsessed with my boyfriend’s ex. I am totally a people stalker in general (I’m an actor! I’m curious!), but this was serious. 

Anyhow, I’m still in recovery from my stalking addiction, but I thought I should share that she got married today. In Cancun. To some dude. They live in Arkansas and she works at lululemon and her life to me sounds hellish (and I am objectively an awful person, but this is my blog and i do what I want!) 

She looked lovely. It’s too bad she has to tweet about fucking #cleaneating and #yogaeverydamnday and #goalcrushed because I can’t stand self- congratulation of that sort. I will say I’m fucking proud of something. I will not show you I’m morally superior through my food and exercise choices because I am NOT… I’m a mess, and thank god, because if your life is not a mess YOU’RE LYING. or BORING, which is worse.

Also, I just… Cancun?
And here the bitchiness ends.


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