So… here’s a challenge.

Another actor who is fairly active in the internet hidey-holes of NYC hopefuls started this thing… #100daysinthelifeofanactor. You’re supposed to post one thing you do for your career every day. Now, I’m way over social media for that– I like to appear chill and nonchalant– so I’m thinking about doing it here.

Day 1: Today I went to the gym. I also bought tickets to see a friend’s show on Saturday.

Day 2: Today I had an audition for an off-off-Broadway show. I also confirmed a dance audition (AM I CRAZY?) for tomorrow.

Day 3: I started the morning with a jazz class (fun), then went to my dance audition (also fun).

Day 4: I went and saw my friend in a festival of one-act plays. I also finished reading a play for which I have an audition on Monday.

Day 5: Not so much. I went birdwatching with A, then to Rockaway Beach where I swam in the ocean!! So… I worked on my acting like I was getting hit by waves?

Day 6: I had an audition. It was fine, but like, not what I wanted. Then I melted down, so.

Day 7: Today, I worked. That was… pretty much it. No acting involved. Whoops. I guess I submitted once on Actor’s Access?

Day 8: Today I worked out a little at home. I saw a friend (she’s a producer… does that count?) and then saw a show at Signature. Oh! And got a callback from that Day 6 audition. Yay. 🙂

Day 9: I went to the gym. Kettlebells like a boss. I was going to pick up some library books but iPhone LIED– it wasn’t open till 11am, not at 9am like it told me. I went home and recorded about half of an audiobook I’m working on.

Day 10: Worked through the morning… continued to waste time/obsess over finding a new couch that won’t cost an arm and a leg. After lunch, went to the Met to wander. Spent some time in the Modern Art area and saw the China Through the Looking Glass exhibit. Call it “artistic enrichment?” I worked on my sides, a little.

Day 11: Class. 12-4pm. I finally did my monologue (after two previous classes of not going– not by choice) and cried pretty much the whole time. Anxiety? Stress? I was doing a monologue in front of my favorite stage actor EVER. It didn’t go the way I wanted it to, but it went. Here’s the text I sent A (who is at Army) after class:

“Class is over. I felt a bit better afterward, but it was hard in the moment. It was uncontrollable and odd, and I’m pretty sure it was nerves and self-induced pressure (also I was first). I thanked Marin and jack after and they both were very kind. I’m rationalizing that at least something happened, I wasn’t a statue. And I got to ask my two questions, and honestly, the answers to those questions helped. Regardless. I love you and I really miss you and let’s aim to not do this being apart thing anymore. You’re like my arm. I can do without it, but I feel weird and am way less useful.”

Day 12: Well, I lazed. Then I went to the gym. Then I tried to pick up my meds. Then I worked. Then I took a bath. And the whole time I avoided doing anything productive. UGH.

Day 13: Went to my callback. I hope I get it. And that’s all.

Day 14: I worked out. I went to the store. I got a third callback, which will take me to NJ on Thursday. If after all this… OOF. Welcome to the #biz.

Day 15: I did laundry. They were filming Blue Bloods on my block. Does that count? I worked a fair amount. I drank some wine. I worked on some sides.

Day 16: I went to New Jersey for my callback. I have no idea. I can’t. I have to let go. If I don’t hear today, I didn’t get it, so. I went to the beach afterwards, which was amazing. Then home.

Day 17: Didn’t do much for my career, besides have dinner with R, which was lovely.

Day 18: Final day of my class. I thought I did a fine job, though I’m unsure if I was memorable. I was very awkward when thanking one of the teachers, who is my favorite actor on earth. Sigh.

Day 19: Mostly worked today, then R came over in the afternoon. Our new couch and chair were delivered! We went out for dinner in my hood. Andddd… that’ was all.

Day 20: I went to the gym, like a good little actor. Then did a few hours of audiobooking. I also got an audition from my agent for Thursday.

Day 21: I worked through the day. I rearranged the apartment again. I went and got my blood drawn because I have to for this medication I take (ladiezzz… So I’m on the minipill for birth control, which I generally like. All other BC I’ve tried makes me deeply depressed. The one side effect is awful acne. UGH. So I’ve been seeing a dermatologist and taking a medication to help with that. But I’d preferably like to NOT be adding more medications… Does anyone have a Mirena? When I switch to Actors’ Equity healthcare next month I may want to give it a shot…)

Day 22: Oh lord… I don’t even remember. I worked? I definitely worked on my audition. I really don’t remember.

Day 23: Had my audition at 12:50. It went pretty well. I got some adjustments (which is a good thing), and on the whole felt like I did my job. I walked around and picked up some cat food ‘n’ stuff. Then A CAME HOME and we ordered in and watched WELCOME TO ME!

Day 24: Not much this morning. A left early, and I finally managed to fall back asleep. I started contact paper-ing my bookshelves. I recorded the rest of the audiobook. I worked out. I’m cat-sitting tonight. I decided that since I was across the street from the Signature I’d try and rush JOHN (a very hip new play I really want to see). I didn’t get a ticket, and they’re sold out for the rest of the run. I’ll try again tomorrow while I’m still here.

I guess I’ll keep updating this?
Comment something fun you did today! (if you want)


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