This. Industry. (bolding mine)

is Troy’s beautiful, intelligent, young secretary. She watches Troy’s world literally crumble to pieces, right before his and her eyes, every single day. She witnesses his wife stick the proverbial knife into Troy’s back, or chest (which ever Monica can find easier on that particular day), and twists it. Then twists it more. Then shoves it even further in. She also watches her and Troy’s mutual boss, Royce, hammer the hell out of Troy every day. She is amazed at Troy’s strength, to be able to handle the daily torture from both ends, and still come in the next day kicking, just trying to do his job the best he can. If only she could get a guy like that to be hopelessly in love with her.…then she finds herself in exactly the right place to be able to lift Troy up, giving her just the chance for true love with an amazing guy. Except that she realizes he doesn’t see himself as amazing. And he doesn’t see himself as good enough for her….but why wouldn’t he? He doesn’t know the horrors that she has buried from her past. Yet. She hopes he will still love her when the day comes that he learns all about the animal of a father she had.

This character requires a lot of nudity. This is not porn. The nudity will be performed on a closed set. The actress bringing this character to life must be comfortable with showing a lot of affection, a lot of warmth, a lot of love. She must be able to show a really soft, tender side, as well as agitation, anger, and portraying becoming an emotional wreck.

Jessica showers Troy with love, and does everything in her power to show him that she is a better choice for life partner with him than his lying, cheating, manipulating wife. 

The actress playing Jessica MUST be comfortable with portraying a graphic, brutal rape sequence, a shower ”breakdown” scene which occurs after the rape, and a big, beautiful, romantic love making scene where she reconnects with Troy, again, after the rape.

Before all of that, Jessica has many bedroom scenes with Troy, where we show the depth of their intimacy to build the shock for the audience when Jessica is kidnapped and raped. The audience needs to fall completely in love with Jessica before the rape, and be completely crushed when watching Jessica be brutalized and raped.

The perfect actress for this part will blow us away and make us BELIEVE that she IS Jessica. This role is the lead female in the first film, carries some scenes through the next two films, and is once again lead female in the fourth film, where there will be a wedding.

She should appear to be the girl next door, with that every day warmth and loyalty, yet have a very hot, seductive side, as well. 

So, I’mma translate:

Hot girl who will come into audition in a swimsuit for no particular reason.

She sees the perfect man– so strong! so brave! so noble!– but how would he ever fall in love with a schmuckus like her?! Even though she’s super hot?

She has no character arc, but is completely focused on a man’s journey. She supports him selflessly, while being really hot but also the girl next door but also loyal but also sexy.

She has no female friends because she is the perfect woman and every other woman is bitch. Also because she’s so hot.

She will have lots of sex scenes (romantic) as well as a brutal rape scene because that’s what happens to hot girls in movies. Good thing she has a man to heal her, otherwise we’d have to stop having sex scenes!

Also she must be able to act. Well, act hot.


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