Every Day, a Little Gratitude

Today, I found out I didn’t get something that I really wanted. Something that felt like it was mine from the moment I saw it. Something I worked HARD for. In this industry, you want to avoid wanting anything, because the not-getting, then, is so much worse. The not-getting opens a deep, deep hole inside you, where the next two months are suddenly clear to you: you will NOT be working. You will NOT be playing this (or any) part. You will be waiting and wanting and hating yourself for somehow now being able to “do it.” Those long, hot summer months that drag on, until October, when you’ll realize that THAT was the last time you booked a job. A year without booking a job. Is my life passing me by? I feel it rush forward but there is so much I want to be doing. Days stack on days and I wonder… when is the next yes? How do I make them see me?

So, reblogging this mostly for myself. To remember that something special happened to me– that I MADE it happen. That it meant something.

I wish it was helping more.


I am working. Not only that, but I am working at one of the top theatres in the country, making LORT B (second only to LORT A when it comes to regional theatre) pay, and playing two leading roles. It’s a three month contract which means I will get another six months of health insurance. I am housed. I have a car I share with two other actors. This is the DREAM.

Which means I want to remember this feeling when I go back to NYC. I’m already dreading it… that discomfort of not working, that pain of not auditioning, that hurt of wanting so hard you think you might break.

But right now?


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