Every day is grapefruit day.

Today I close another show. This is how this career is… you’re deep in it, totally invested, your whole day leads up to those few hours at the theatre…

And then suddenly it’s over, and you’re unemployed, and you may never seen your castmates, who have become your family, again, or at least for a long while.

It’s a somber moment, and I’m feeling a bit somber today.

Last night, I went up on an entire speech– I froze onstage and literally couldn’t form words; didn’t know where I was– and it really shook me. It was fine, but awful. I forgive myself, because it wasn’t my fault– I know the speech front and back, I was focused and paying attention– I just short-circuited.

That, compounded with the closing of the show, is making today tough. The rain doesn’t help (thanks NYC).

This was so wonderful.

  • We were a New York Times Critics Pick.
  • We got amazing reviews (my work was mentioned)
  • My parents got to see it
  • I got to do Shakespeare!
  • I made some amazing friends and met some remarkable people
  • I got to work off-Broadway, which is a gift in and of itself.

But more is to come, I know. Including a weeklong vacation in July.

And really, you can’t top what we did at the end of our performance on Friday, June 26. The day was already so joyous. Then we did this, and it was the best curtain call ever:


Make My Day

“Hi, I’m sorry, I know you’re with your friends. But I have to ask you– you look very familiar. Did you play Sarita? I want you to know that you were remarkable. It was an incredible performance. My friends and I were so moved afterward that we couldn’t come up and talk to you and congratulate you. What a powerful show. I loved your work and I love what you do. You’re going to have a fantastic career.”
— a woman after a show at my ex-school, about a performance I gave over 2 years ago.

And that, folks, is how someone makes your day. And also a lesson to all of us that if you feel strongly about someone, if you enjoyed their work or appreciate them, TELL THEM. It may seem weird, but everyone needs to hear that they’ve touched someone.

Hope everyone is doing alright out there :). Sorry I’ve been MIA. Hope to be more regularly back soon.


“Happiness is like a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.” –Nathaniel Hawthorne